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AHA Organic Skin Care.

What do AHA's do to your skin?

AHA body or face scrub.

This article will show you how to make your own organic

Let's get straight to it.

AHA ! .... stands for Alpha-Hydroxy Acids. These lovely little acids can be found in many foods throughout nature and are great at gently removing dead skin cells, allowing for healthy new ones to grow more freely.
A lot of pre-made scrubs you can buy online that contain AHA's are made with synthetic factory processed AHA's. These are inferior in quality compared to what mother nature offers us. Scientific fact.

Let's Get Srubbin'.

This is what we will need to use:

  • A dish or a bowl of some sort.

  • A spoon.

  • Your fingers.

  • A food blender of some sort.

  • Maybe a back scrubber of some sort.

AHA skin scrub ingredients:

Some Grapes.


A Slice of Tomato.


Some Blueberries.


Some Brown Sugar.


A Slice of Apple.


This scrub will naturally contain:

  • Citric Acid.

  • Glycolic Acid.

  • Lactic Acid.

  • Malic Acid.

  • Tartaric Acid.

You'll need a food blender/smoothie maker of some sort. Life is so much easier with one of these. Always aim for using organic ingredients.

  • ​Add around 5 grapes. Any kind is fine. Seeds are fine too.

  • You want around 5 blueberries. Straight into the blender.

  • 4 teaspoons of brown sugar (or 4 cubes).

  • 1 slice of apple. -  Leave the peel on.

  • 1 slice of a tomato. Peel and seeds are fine.

  • Add about a quarter of a pint (140-150ml) of water.

Amounts shown are based on having enough smoothie to do your face and your neck.

If you want to do your whole body, just x5 all the ingredients and make sure you add enough water.

Just pop everything into your blender and mix it all up for 4 seconds, 4 times. Perfect. (It may be a little bit lumpy, that's fine - different blenders = different results.).

Just pour it into a bowl or a dish, ready to use.

(Don't forget that you can freeze a scrub after you've made it. It'll keep fresh for months in a freezer. Leave it thaw out for around 24 hours before use).

Let's Rock.


A bathroom is usually the best place to apply this just in case anything drips onto the floor or carpet (it'll probably stain). If you don't want to get any in your hair, maybe best to tie it up or wear a shower cap or something.

To Do.

What we're aiming for here is to just rub this into our skin. Apply it as if you were rubbing water into your skin. No need to "massage" it in like a moisteriser cream. Just give a good rub and make sure you cover any area that you're going to apply the coffee scrub to. If you want to do your back, either tag a friend or just use a back scrubber of some kind.

Leave it soak into your skin for around 2 or 3 minutes before moving onto the next step.

Gentle Rinse.

No instructions required here. Lot's of water and a gentle cloth is all we need. Gently rinse off all that lovely natural skin nourishment then gently dab dry your skin.

... and that's it, all done.

Happy Healthy Skin = Happy Shiny You.


Feel the difference. Your skin should feel more fresh and soft. See the difference. Take a look in the mirror and see a subtle healthier glow.

Entirely 'au naturale'. No chemicals required. They'll never better mother nature's touch.

Also ...

If you'd like to, you can do step 2 of your natural skin nourishment routine with one our organic coffee scrub recipe's shown here. Same again, no chemicals required.

Coffee-Scrub-Oily-skin (1).webp

Also ...


Get a LOT more enjoyment, choice and pleasure from your own coffee.

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