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How to Cleanse Your Beard Naturally.

Want to know how to naturally clean your beard for less than 10 cents? ... All you'll need is just a bit of coffee and a simple ingredient you probably already have in your kitchen.
We can spend a lot of money on beard love, but the truth is there really is no need to do that.  Using the power of 2 natural ingredients, learn the quickest & easiest way to cleanse your beard the natural way. More effective than any nice smelling chemicals.
Anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Eliminates beard odour. Quick & easy.
Let's get straight to it.

Coffee Scrub for Beards.

1 minute read.

Clean Your Beard without Needing Beard Shampoo.

... Using just coffee, salt and water. Let's look at the coffee:

  1. Use fresh unused coffee grounds. (Best).

  2. Use some used coffee grounds from a coffee machine. (Good).

  3. Use instant coffee from a jar. (Not bad).

Number 1 is the best to use because the coffee still contains all of it's caffeine plus it's other natural nutrients. They haven't yet been drained away into your belly!

Number 3 is not bad, it's just that the general quality of instant coffee isn't as good as the coffee we would use in a coffee machine. However, you will still see and feel a benefit from using instant.

Don't forget that de-caff is useless for a coffee mix.


All We Need is ...

The ingredients we'll need couldn't be any more simple.

  1. Fresh cold water.

  2. Some salt.

  3. Some coffee.

And here is the equipment we'll need.

  1. Your fingers.

  2. A bowl or a dish.

  3. A comb or brush (for longer beards).

And that really is all we'll need.

Quick & easy.

Let's get straight to it.


Rub it in, All The Way.

We want to work our coffee mix right into our beard and skin. So, we'll use our fingers and do the following:

  • Dip your fingers & thumbs into the coffee mix, give 'em a wiggle and then proceed to 'massage' the mix into your beard.

Splish Splash.

Let's get our container ready, and then add the following:

  1. Around a third of a pint or 200ml of cold fresh water.

  2. 3 full tea spoons of coffee.

  3. 3 tea spoons of salt.

Once everything has been added, give it all really good stir. We want the salt and the coffee mixing in together, so give a good stir for around 5 to 10 seconds.

  • You'll need to repeat this as many times as you need to to ensure that your beard and the skin underneath your beard get fully covered with the coffee mix.

  • Or, if your the kind of guy that likes fast results, you can just dip your chin into the bowl or dish and proceed to rub it in while your beard is soaking in the coffee mix (We actually recommend this).

  • Don't be shy with this, you want to get as much as you can into the skin underneath your beard and as much as you can throughout the beard hairs. So ideally, you want to spend at least 1 minute rubba-dub-dubbing it all in.

If you don't fancy trying the 'chin dip' method and your beard is a bit longer, you can use a brush or a comb to comb the mix through your beard. It's entirely up to you, do whatever works best for you. 

Once you've finished rubba-dub-dubbing ... That's it. You're done. Finished. It really is a quick & easy as that.


No instructions required here. Give it a good rinse to remove all that salty coffee-ness from your chin.


Congratulations! Now your beard is:

  • Bacteria free (the main cause of odour).

  • Fungus free.

  • Microbial free


And could it get any quicker & easier? Or cheaper?  There really is  no need to buy expensive chemicals to cleanse your beard.

All you need is a some coffee, some salt & some water. You can't beat the natural way of doing things.

Once or Twice a Month.

Because there are no toxic chemicals involved, you can perform this simple  & natural routine whenever you feel like. For a happy shiny clean beard all year long, once or twice a month is all you'll need.

Thank you very much for reading our article. We hope you find it helpful and that you'll enjoy a happy shiny clean beard all year long.

(which will cost you hardly anything).

And That's All.


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