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How to Make Washington Coffee.

The coffee of presidents. Literally. It was rumoured that George Washington was known to enjoy a coffee and in 1770 he imported around 200 pounds of it into the United States. He was also known to brew his own whiskey and in 1799 his distillery produced around 600 gallons of what became known as 'Mount Vernon Rye Whiskey'. You can purchase this today but it is quite difficult to get a hold of, so if you can get a bottle, try out this super simple coffee.

(You can substitute with another rye if you want to).

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  • Something to boil water.

  • A spoon.

  • A cup.


  • 1 tea spoon of Mount Vernon Rye whiskey.

  • 1 tea spoon or serving of coffee.

Coffee Mr President? 

Equipment Needed:

  1. Place whiskey and coffee into cup.

  2. Slowly pour freshly boiled water and stir well.

All Done.

To Do:


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