How to Make Indian Suwa Coffee. Quick & Easy.


Equipment Needed:

  • Something that boils water.

  • A cup.

  • A spoon.


  • 1 small finger tip pinch of mild chilli powder, or instead you can use a finely ground white pepper.

  • 1 small finger tip pinch of finely ground aniseed powder.


India, a country with a long and rich history dating back thousands of years, and a coffee history going back hundreds of years. Suwa coffee has been one of India's favorite coffee drinks since around the year 1750. Simple & easy to make. Try a bit of Indian coffee history for yourself, using just your own coffee & some simple ingredients.

  1. Place chilli or pepper, aniseed powder and coffee into your cup.

  2. Now fill the cup with freshly boiled water taking care to fill slowly and stir while pouring the water.

To Do:

All Done.


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