from your own coffee.

1. Use your own coffee to make:

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2. Use your own coffee to make:

Some amazing organic DIY skin scrubs and hair washes. Beards too!

Easy, low cost make at home recipes.


Over 100 different coffees using your own coffee and some simple ingredients.


Straight to the point - Quick reads.

Details are further down this page.

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"Add a mighty fine shine to your hair by learning how to make and apply a coffee hair rinse - No chemicals required".

Quick & easy.


"Cleanse your face the natural way using all natural ingredients. Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and ant-microbial".

Quick & easy too.

"We took a look at all the different kinds of coffee available out there to see which one is best to use as a scrub ...  And the one kind you shouldn't use (ever!)".
Let's take a look
"How much caffeine do we actually consume in a day"?
You might be surprised.
Let's take a look.
Coffee / Caffeine is something most of us consume on a daily basis.
You might be surprised on the effect it has on your body.
Let's take a quick look at some important facts.

Let's take a look at the pro's and cons of using caffeine as a supplement.

We'll also learn the quick & easy way to calculate your optimum caffeine amount for different sports.


Want to Learn a Little History?

You'd Might Like to Know ...

There are 3 main kinds of coffee bean:



Naturally lowest in caffeine. Widely considered the nicest tasting of the 3 beans.


Around 75% of all coffee purchased around the world is made from this bean. Medium to high in caffeine.


Oxford, England - 1651.

The first coffee shop in the western world was opened.


Naturally very high in caffeine. This is strong stuff! It's also the best to use for making coffee scrubs and other things like that.

You'd Might Like to Know ...

The amount of caffeine your body can safely process is based on body weight


For example - A lady weighing 100lbs or 62kg would have a lower 'safe daily caffeine amount' than a guy weighing 222lbs or 100kg.

So, we've made a super-simple table showing you the differences in 'safe daily caffeine amounts'.

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Effectively cleanse your beard the natural way for around 10 cents.
Anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and
Quick & easy.

We've Made Something ... Amazeballs.

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The World Collection.

Know how to make a traditional coffee drink form another country using your own coffee & some simple ingredients. 52 countries, 52 coffees. 
Truly experience the world of coffee.

The Coffee Shop Collection.

Know how to totally transform a coffee into something amazing by knowing what simple ingredients to use and  when to use them. Quick & easy, when you know how to.

The Cocktail Collection.

Know how to totally transform your drink into something new by adding a few ingredients or even just a pinch of coffee. Quick & easy.
Your own little coffee cocktail bar.

The London Collection.

Well, this is The London Collection.
Take your coffee adventure to a whole new level of enjoyment.
Imagine knowing how to make over 100 different coffees using just your own coffee and some simple ingredients.
(No coffee machine required).
Well, you don't have to just imagine because that's exactly what we've spent 13 months creating.
1 Ebook, 4 collections. A lot more enjoyment.
It's all about 'knowing how to'.
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No Coffee Machine Required.

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If you like the idea of knowing how to get a lot more enjoyment from your own coffee, you'll get a lot of enjoyment from Amazeballs Coffee.
If you don't like the sound of that idea, then it isn't really for you.
Just click on a  pic' if you'd like to take a look.
Now that we're amazing and mature, how does caffeine affect our bodies?
Does it affect my sleep now that i'm older?
Let's answer these important questions (and more) quickly & easily.

Coffee Hair Rinse - Men.

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You'd Might Like to Know...

How Much Coffee Can I Drink?

chocolate 3 types_edited.png

Chocolate or drinking chocolate to relax in the evening? ...

It might be what's keeping you awake in bed because it contains caffeine.

  • Milk chocolate (and drinks) contain some caffeine.

  • Dark chocolate (and drinks) contain around double the caffeine of milk choc'.

  • White chocolate (and drinks) contain almost zero caffeine.

It can take your body between 5 and 8 hours to eradicate caffeine from your system (longer if you're pregnant).

It might be worth trying a white chocolate instead? Or maybe enjoy your milk or dark choc' earlier in the evening.

It might help you sleep better. 

Trying to figure out how much caffeine is in our coffee can be pretty tricky.

Just below is a simple table that breaks it down into body weight vs cup size.

Along the top row is body weight in lbs and in Kg's. Just look for roughly where you are. Left column is cup size in fl oz and ml - Then see how many cups per day is fine for your body weight.


As said, this is a general guide. If it says 3 & a half cups, then 4 cups isn't really going to do you any harm.

You can find out more in our quick read article here. (Includes Liberica and Robusta coffee types).

3 different but simple coffee scrub recipes for your face.
Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal with natural moisturizer.
"Au naturale", no chemicals required.
3 different but simple coffee scrub recipes for your body.
Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-fungal with natural moisturizer.
"Au naturale", no chemicals required.

Get a lot more enjoyment.